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151: Can You See It Now?

Trading resources for paper, what a joke

Something that would make you want to have all the smoke

A brother said they built a white man’s company on black soil

Makes you look at your trials differently when you see their toil

We live in a society that isn’t real

Hypes up the artificial to act like it’s something you can feel

But shouldn’t a feeling be attributed to something tangible

Giving you medicine for the pain to make it more manageable

The problem with our people is we like the dream

But seeing the truth makes you realize nothing is what it seems

A country founded by liberated slaves

Still has people working on a plantation for little to no money most of their days

The Most High is exposing the real problem within

He’s showing us that greed is such a hurtful sin

Because you’re willing to sacrifice the ones you should love

Thinking that what you have just isn't enough

When we start taking responsibility for our faults

Accepting that with The Most High’s love we were bought

Our identity doesn’t amount to a white man’s name

Wake up and see the truth, we’re the pawns in the game

What will it take for us to unify

Maybe another civil war to open up your eyes

But even that didn’t prove to be enough

Our people fought and died and all for what

To continue in this cycle of oppression

We literally own nothing, did you get the lesson

All YAH wants from us true repentance

Maybe then He will end our lengthy sentence

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