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Do You Listen to Music That Feeds Your Soul?

Admit it, when you were in the world, you had a playlist for every mood. But what happens when you come into the Truth?

Music is one of the strongest forces ever created. Music brings people together and displays the gifts that The Most High has given to His children. But it's important to make the distinction between music that honors The Most High and builds up His people, and music that glorifies rebellion and the destruction of His people. Are you spending more time listening to music of this world or music that feeds you spiritually?

How do you know if music is destructive to your spirit?

  • Music that contains excessive profanity

  • Music that promotes drug and alcohol abuse

  • Music that glorifies promiscuity and fornication

  • Music that encourages violence and destruction

  • Music that advocates broken families

How do you know if music is feeding your spirit?

  • Music that praises and glorifies The Most High

  • Music that promotes healthy marriages between men and women

  • Music that builds up black families and communities

  • Music that advocates for righteous living

  • Music that nurtures values written in Scripture

Here are some playlists for every mood to feed your spirit:

*note: these playlists are only available on Spotify*

  • APTTMH: this playlist brings all of the Kingdom sounds together in the playlist you never knew you needed. Each vibe and each genre in one playlist. Click to listen.

  • Classic Kingdom: this playlist is full of the Kingdom gospel sounds. These vibes will bring you back to church, minus the idolatry and paganism. Click to listen.

  • Kingdom R&B: this playlist brings all the righteous rhythm and blues. You don't have to celebrate sin for a smooth vibe. Click to listen.

  • The Daughters of Zion: this playlist is for the daughters of Zion. For the daughters by the daughters. Click to listen.

  • Kingdom Island Vibes: this playlist is for all the reggae, reggaeton, motherland sounds. Click to listen.

  • The Kingdom Got Me Lit: don't lie. We all love to get lit to hip-hop & rap. You might've loved the trap. Enjoy it without the destruction and abominations. Click to listen.

  • Kingdom Love: this playlist is for lovers only. Save this playlist for those special moments with your other half. Click to listen.

  • Instrumental Vibes: you don't always need lyrics for a smooth vibe. This playlist is for connoisseurs of jazz music. Click to listen.

The goal is to lessen the things of this world and elevate the things of our Heavenly Father. Use these playlists to get you on the right track to changing your algorithm.

Dejyah Yisraèl contributed this article. Follow on Instagram.

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