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Great Minds Think Alike

US Vice President Kamala Harris began her 9-day trip in Ghana on Sunday, March 26 as the Elders of The United Nation of Yisrael began their 10-day trip in Liberia.

The United Nation of Yisrael isn't the only Nation interested in building on the continent of Africa. The Liberian Observerreported that VP Harris "is excited about the future of Africa." During Harris's trip in Africa, she will spend time in Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia discussing hot topics such as climate change, economic development, food insecurity, and the future of the youth.

To kick off The United Nation of Yisrael's visit, early Sunday morning, the Elders were greeted by a group of brothers eager to welcome them to Liberia. A traditional foot-washing ceremony was performed displaying the true humility and love our brothers have for one another. Breakfast was given and conversations of unity and building were being discussed with The United Nation of Yisrael and Liberia during the first couple of days of their visit.

Sunday afternoon, the Elders embarked on a tour around the country. One stop on this tour included the world's largest rubber plantation in Harbel, Liberia. According to CorpWatch, "The International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF), a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group, filed a lawsuit charging that thousands of workers, including minors, toil in virtual slavery at Bridgestone's Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia."

The Elders of The United Nation of Yisrael witnessed this exact account. One has been quoted saying, "Yesterday, we visited the Firestone plantation. Did you hear me? An actual slave plantation. There's slavery happening here right now. They had everybody there. Men. Women. Children. They work for $5 a day all day. This was a real plantation." The Elders reported that those working on the plantation had deplorable living conditions. "People live in cinder block huts with no running water and no electricity. There were about 300 people living out there and only four bathhouses to accommodate them. The bathhouses were also made out of cinder block and cement. It was very dirty and rundown." The work benefits are no better. One of the workers on the Firestone plantation shared that there is no health insurance. If they get hurt, they get sent off of the plantation. Before they even begin work, they have to sign a twenty-five-year contract to work with Firestone.

As saddening as it is to hear that slavery still exists, facts like these are not surprising as corporations have been known to exploit the poor and illiterate. Most Liberians are ashamed of the situation. United Nation of Yisrael Ambassador, Isaac Danquah, spoke passionately about the situation on the plantation. In a disappointed tone, he said, "They built a white man's company on a black man's land." The history of Liberia reflects the irony and pain of this. Liberia was founded in 1822 by freed American slaves. During the diaspora, slaves were sent from the coasts of Africa to plantations in America. Once freed, America shipped some freed slaves back to Africa. Once landed in Liberia, the freed slaves established communities on Liberia's soil, making it the only country in Africa to not have been colonized by Europeans. Unfortunately, Firestone's plantation in Liberia raises questions regarding the land not being colonized by Europeans as the initial deal gave 1 million acres of land to Firestone for six cents an acre.

In the lawsuit, Firestone denies any child labor and affirms that those working on the plantation are among the highest-paid workers in Liberia. Yet, Pro Publica and have all addressed the inhumane conditions of the Firestone plantation. Frontline PBS has even produced a chilling documentary telling the untold story of Firestone's history in Liberia. It's instances like these where real solutions must be worked towards and accountability on the part of these corporations must be required.

The United Nation of Yisrael will play an active role in eradicating this modern day slavery in Liberia.

Continuing on the Elders' tour of Monrovia, they were able to observe the life of those living in the city. The downtown was what you would expect from a typical city in the US. "Hood houses" and rundown establishments are what is mostly seen, aside from the President's mansion which sits right on the coast. One of the Elders described the houses as being similar to the houses seen on the Firestone plantation. He is quoted saying, "The land and the people are beautiful. There are palm trees, mango trees, breadfruit trees, and other fruit trees everywhere! But the living conditions are probably worse than anything you've ever seen. There's no running water and no electricity at certain times of the day." More troubling circumstances were identified in regard to Liberia's economy. "Everything costs more here than it does in America. All food in Liberia is imported and expensive. Gas is $7 a gallon, and they sell it out of jars on the side of the road. People find diamonds and gold here and sell them for paper money. The economy is very much based on capitalism. All they sell here are products."

On Monday, March 27, 2023, Chief Zanzan Karwor, Chairman of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders Council of Liberia, formally welcomed the Elders of The United Nation of Yisrael to their country. Elder Nubreed updated us with a live stream Monday afternoon discussing the exciting plans that are at the forefront. Building a nation takes work, but with the power, will, and strength of The Most High, The United Nation of Yisrael will be unified and stand tall once again.

After this formal meeting, the Elders visited a school and spoke to the children about why The United Nation of Yisrael is here and the hopes they have for the future. About 200 children proudly accepted the Elders into their schoolhouse and excitedly repeated "Yisrael" once the Nation banner was raised in the back of their classroom. It is something to be seen in children proudly acknowledging and identifying with their Shemetic identity and Yisraelite heritage. Pictured below is the banner with a group of brothers humbly accepting rice that The United Nation of Yisrael donated in January 2023 to address food insecurity in Liberia.

As children of The Most High and constituents of The United Nation of Yisrael, we understand the important role we play in the new world order. Many people view the new world order as a tyrannical dictatorship run by an evil force. But what people fail to realize is that The Most High is establishing the new world order on earth today. As judgment rains down on the nations responsible for the wickedness on this earth, it is Yisrael's job and duty to remain humble and display true repentance to The Father. The Most High is restoring righteousness back into the earth, so it is our job to take seriously the calling and perform the tasks that we were chosen and elected for.

Please stay tuned to The United Nation of Yisrael's platforms to stay informed about new developments in this story. More exciting news is to come; but for now, shalom to you all, and remain lifted in the spirit.

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