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Twelve Steps to Recovery

The house of Yisrael is in need of rehabilitation. This is our road to recovery.

Hear O Yisrael

What we have been exposed to, and what we have experienced as a nation is comparable to alcoholism or to any drug addiction, but also even worse. For we have drank from the cup of abomination and ranged it out. We have scavenged the corners of the cup of the unclean thing for its residue of abominations. Where is our 12-step program, and where is our healing? Who shall tend to us? Shall those that poured this cup for us to drink give us help? Shall we be redeemed by another? How shall we be comforted? Who shall cover us in the night watch? Surely those that have lived upon us shall continue to pour the cup of abomination to keep us drunk, to keep us drunk and not deliver.

In our drunken state, we function, void of the spirit of YAH. Void of humility, and love for our people. We can find every excuse in our drunken state, to fight against each other. We have great strength, having the courage that the liquor falsehood gives, causing one to say and do what they want when they are sober. But YAHUAH will not allow us to blame this upon our drunkenness of falsehood. O Yisrael you reap of the smell of the liquor and residue of drunkenness drawn from self-righteousness. Again where is our 12-step program?

Your 12 steps to recovery O House of Yisrael:

Admit powerlessness.

Admit we are powerless over our addiction to self-righteousness, that our lives have been managed by corruption, void of the will of YAHUAH.

Trust in the MOST HIGH.

Know the difference between self righteousness and the will of YAHUAH.

Make change.

Humble yourself and take responsibility.

Stop the boldness of being arrogantly ignorant.

Seek the MOST HIGH.


Stop being a living room Yisraelite.

Stop debating and start Nation building.

Pray and meditate.

Help your people.

Hear O Yisrael take a daily dose of this 12-step program. First, you must know that you have a problem, in order to start taking these steps. Humbly accept these 12 steps O Nation, O House, O remnant seed of Yisrael. For our recovery, our restoration as a nation is in front of us, and not behind. Yield yourselves and be not self exalted. Turn from self-destruction and self-righteousness for they are one and the same.

Do we have the ears to hear, and the eyes to see? For our coming together as a nation is here, right in front of us. For YAH is waiting on you O House of Yisrael, for he has already given you instruction as it was written by the prophets of old. Now also in this day, we have no excuse, for what was said in time pass, is being said in a way that can be clearly understood in this day. TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS O HOUSE OF YISRAEL. TURN AND LIVE.

If you will not turn, if you will not be reconciled to YAH, then you shall fall as his enemy. Hear these words and don't turn a blind eye.


Elder Shamayah contributed this article.

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Unknown member
Jul 30, 2023

HalleluYAH 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💎

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