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We Hate Our Father

We are in an abusive relationship with those that hate us, and we keep coming back.

We get whatever we deserve for continuing to come back. Ecclesiasticus 26:23 shows that a wicked woman is a portion to a wicked man.

We refuse to separate from our oppressor who hates us and turn to our Creator who loves us.

Our people love it here because white daddy has money and idols. Luke 9:58 and Matthew 16:24 shows that you have to be ready to give it all up for YAH.

What more can happen to us for our people to wake up? Isaiah 1:5-8 asks how much cursing can be put on us?

What more destruction do we need to see? Deuteronomy 28:45-47 shows that we weren't joyful or glad to leave Egypt.

We try to pretend that we trust YAH when we don't.

Psalms 4 shows that vanity is a defilement. If you aren't going to accept something that's not set apart for ourselves, why would we do that to YAH?

How can you be set apart in a house of bondage? YAH identifies idolatry as hating Him. We show YAH we love Him by keeping His commandments. Exodus 20:3 shows YAH's first commandment out of the Ten Devariym:

Are you the clay formed to YAH's gory or to destruction?

2 Thessalonians 2:8-11 shows that YAH is testing to see if we really trust Him or if we're still listening to the serpent. You can't undo the delusion YAH puts on you.

It's important that we remain sober and vigilant as found in 1 Peter 5:8. so that you don't end up as a dog that returns to its own vomit in 2 Peter 2:22.

Jeremiah 17:9 shows that the world tells us to follow our hearts although our hearts are deceitful.

This is why we have to deny ourselves as Matthew 5:30 says. Discipline is the key.

We have to change our algorithm. Anything done in excess should be something to watch out for. Fast from your indulgences.

Yawitazah & Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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