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Why not just Trust God?

"Trust God" has become something that you say.

By your actions, are you really trusting God?

Our life is a big test to see if we truly trust Him.

Trust is not just one-sided. It is something that's built between two or more people. How can you build trust with somebody if you don't see their side? We have not taken the time to get to know The Most High. How can you trust somebody you don't know? We have to take time to hear Him. Don't expect something from The Most High when you don't even take time to acknowledge Him. Don't treat Him as a whore.

Micah 6 opens up by showing us that court is in session, and the witnesses are the mountains and the hills. The land is truly a witness of the relationship we have with YAH. And the reality is that we don't have compassion for our Father. Why wouldn't we trust YAH when He's always provided what we've needed?

Micah 6:5 recounts a story that many of us don't even know. But it shows that The Most High has always stood for us.

This story is first told in Numbers 22. The Israelites pitched tents by the land of Moab and Balaq, the king, saw what the Israelites did to the Amorites. He became paranoid and scared because of Yisrael's reputation for wiping out other nations by the strength, instruction, and will of The Most High. This just goes to show that the people that fear us what to see us cursed. This is the same today.

The question is: why would The Most High speak to someone that's not even His child? But from this, we can see that even witches have to go to The Most High before they can do anything. Continuing in Numbers 22, we see that The Most High is always defending us against evil. Balaam, a witch, received word that The Most High would not allow Yisrael to be cursed. There are wicked individuals that want us cursed but when they go to YAH to curse us, YAH does not allow it. The same is happening right now. People in high power are consulting with wicked people to curse the children of Yisrael. And they're willing to give anything for us to be cursed. But it doesn't matter what these people in power are willing to give or do; no man can go beyond or usurp the power of The Most High.

Continuing in the story, we see that The Most High sent an angel with a sword to keep Balaam from going with the men of Moab. The donkey that he was riding on was trying to go in other directions to avoid the angel. Balaam hit the donkey three times for it's diversion. After the third hit, The Most High opened the donkey's mouth and Balaam's eyes to see the angel. If the donkey hadn't diverted, Balaam would've been killed. The rest of this chapter shows that Balaam truly does fear The Most High. But why don't the children of Yisrael?

Numbers 23 and Numbers 24 goes on to say that The Most High brought Balaam there to bless the children of Yisrael. But remember this: No one can curse who YAH has not allowed to be cursed. If The Most High didn't give the permission, then it won't happen. YAH means what He says. These wicked people can't do anything to you that The Most High did not already allow. These people have no power. As long as we live according to YAH's will, we will be blessed. And if our enemies are this persistent, shouldn't we be just as persistent to live righteously? The Most High is truly with His people when we're with Him. And when we're with Him, we will subdue all of our enemies. How hard will YAH stand against us when we stand against Him?

Numbers 25 says that YAH protected us against our enemies, but the same enemies we were protected from were the same people we committed whoredom with. We love this world, yet they hate us. If you're a lover of this world, you are an enemy of YAH. And Yisrael is still falling for the whoredom.

James 4:4 shows that loving this world is adultery because we're supposed to be the wife of YAH.

Continuing in Micah 6, we see that all of our gifts and oblations mean nothing.

The Most High doesn't want to share us with anyone else. Let this world go, and when you do, you'll get to see what He has prepared for us in the presence of our enemies; and your cup will run over. This world comes with a cost. It's everlasting death. The world that YAH has for us doesn't have a price tag on it because it's abundant. We have to start setting our eyes on the real prize, which is everlasting life.

Yawitazah & Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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