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7 Tips to Break Free from the Algorithm

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Don't be programmed by the algorithm. Free yourself from digital enslavement with these 7 tips.

Don't spend too much time in this evil metaverse family. They said all this technology would bring us closer together but has it done more bad than good? Some fall further into sin from lack of discipline and nieve judgment allowing themselves to be programmed by the algorithm. Many find it hard to flee sin because they surround themselves in a world of darkness. Let's change that algorithm and make this a #HebrewPlanet.

7 Tips To Change Your Algorithm

  1. Spend more time reading and taking bible notes.

  2. Pray and listen to the bible often. While at work, while you travel, or even when you eat. See More: Bible Audio Readings from Sister Zhateyah

  3. Be careful of the company you keep. Surround yourself with like-minded YAH-fearing people.

  4. Unfollow people who do not put Yah first on all your accounts. follow only brothers and sisters on the path of righteousness.

  5. Avoid places, people, and websites that cause you to fall into lust and sin.

  6. Change what you watch and your music playlist to truth content. See More: Do You Listen to Music that Feeds Your Soul?

  7. On all platforms clear your search results. Hit the menu option on unwanted content being shown to you, then click not interested. Update your social media notifications to avoid unnecessary alerts for your attention.

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