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Are You Ready for a Hebrew Planet?

The first Hebrew Planet event on the land was a success!

The United Nation of Yisrael, Hebrew Planet, and The Lions Den hosted the first-ever off-grid camping and building event on Unlimited Potential Farms in North Carolina last week. Moments of fellowship, unity, and fun were fostered through efforts such as building herb gardens, building a greenhouse, and discussing the next steps for making the land more habitable.

Over 30 brothers and sisters traveled from far and near to discuss community and nation-building and ways to continue the beautiful growth we've been witnessing over the last several months. Elder Nubreed documented his experience which can be seen below.

How can we continue to build our Hebrew Planet?

Everyone who attended the event was able to see what it truly takes to build a community for us and by us. Thankfully, a water well has already been dug which was a huge convenience. Conversations about how to continue building were had. Many brothers and sisters are seeking to live on the land in the near future. But what is needed next? In order to continue separating ourselves from mainstream society and supporting our Nation, it's important that we continue to raise funds to establish a source of electricity on the land as well as a sewage system to eventually be able to build homes and other living structures.

Hebrew Planet is looking forward to hosting more events on the land in North Carolina as well as allowing brothers and sisters to come and help build. We are also eager to connect with more brothers and sisters who have land that they want to use for Nation efforts. If you have land or know of anyone with land who wants to nation build, please visit The United Nation of Yisrael to get in contact with the land development team.

We also want to extend a huge thanks to all of our Love Note merchants who attended such as Hebrew Care, Chariot Tea, Mortal Vigor, and Mavassi. Supporting our own businesses is one of the major keys to becoming more sustainable and economically sound. If you have a business or want to start a business and would like to accept Love Notes in your business, please reach out to the Love Notes team.

If you attended the Off Grid Camping & Building event, post your photos by clicking here or the button below.

Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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