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Is Ye Okay?

The Black community doesn't know whether to love or hate Ye nowadays.

Kanye West in the past few years has shocked media worldwide with his extreme Conservative views, allegiance to Donald Trump, and Christian beliefs.

But it wasn't until last week that Ye really took the Internet by storm.

Ye and Candace Owens broke the Internet on October 3 when she posted a photo of them wearing "White Lives Matter" t-shirts at Paris Fashion Week.

Liberals, the Black community, and other groups felt that the display was highly disrespectful and a mockery of the oppression that the Black community faces every day.

When Ye asked his father how he felt about the shirts, he simply responded, "just a black man stating the obvious."

But this was not all.

In Ye's interview with Fox News correspondent, Tucker Carlson, Ye articulated his stance on abortion, the Democrats, and his feelings towards ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Continuing on with discussions of his beliefs, Ye shares his thoughts of Black people being more than just a color and being the true Jews that the Bible speaks of. The Times of Israel claims that Ye's idealogy is inflammatory, ahistorical, and antisemitic.

Matters became worse when Ye tweeted about going Death Con 3 on Jewish people.

Since the tweet, Ye faces restrictions on Twitter and Instagram for being antisemitic.

Although Ye has made news regarding antisemitism and political propaganda, not many people are discussing his interesting approach to education.

The Donda Academy has a mission to be a reflection of God's glory in the world. Skeptics argue that the school, which is not accredited, is pushing the lines of cult-like behavior. From the $15,000 a year tuition to the parents' signing of NDA's, people on Twitter have strong feelings towards the school.

Many believe Ye is suffering from a mental disorder. Others believe he is standing up for the traditional rights of others.

Chosen Ones, what do you think? Has Ye completely lost it, or is he actually working for the greater good of society?

Let us know in the comments what you think.

Dejyah Yisraèl contributed this article. Follow on Instagram.

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