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Life's Little Miracles, Corp.

Life’s Little Miracles, Corp. seeks to support and provide comfort to parents and families of premature infants in the NICU, newborn infants in children's shelters, school-age parents, and other infants in need.

Its mission is achieved through the support of a group of both national and local volunteers devoted to our cause.

Life's Little Miracles, Corp. is dedicating its time and love to extending support to these families that may be going through trials with their newborn infants. Now more families can focus on their babies knowing that they are not alone. To achieve this purpose, they rely mainly on the generosity of volunteers, corporate sponsors, private donations, and grants.

Life’s Little Miracles, Corp. provides goods and services to Neonatal Intensive Care Units, children's shelters, and other organizations that assist infants and new mothers. The provisions include donated items and information that support the infants and their families during their stay in the hospital and beyond.

Visit Life's Little Miracles, Corp. to learn more or donate.

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