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Seeking Salvation in All the Wrong Places

Our people believing that they have some power has slowed our progress from reuniting with our true power.

We somehow think that we have the power to manifest something that is not in the will of The Most High or believe that we have the power to change an outcome that The Most High wants.

1 Samuel 28 tells the story of King Saul, who chose His own will over The Most High yet is trying to figure out why The Most High is not dealing with him. Here is the context. The Philistines were about to go to war with Yisrael. The prophet Samuel had previously instructed King Saul (from the command of The Most High) to rid all of the witches out of the land. King Saul was afraid of the Philistines and instead of having faith in YAH, He was fearful of his enemies. So Saul went out and sought a woman with a familiar spirit so he could get some answers.

You cannot will something into your life that is not in YAH's will.

There is no level of manifestation you can bring that will change an outcome YAH wants for you. 1 Samuel 15 speaks about this. The Amalekites laid a snare for Yisrael, so Samuel told Saul that YAH wants him to smite all of the Amalekites. Saul determined in his own heart what was good for him as in, what was and was not defiled. He was living according to his own will.

We are a people that sit back and say, "This is good," and will make what's bad good. Samuel was upset at this because he knew that as a king and leader, when you disobey YAH, the entire nation will be punished. The sad part is that Saul acted as if he did what YAH commanded. This is similar to what happens today. People will say, "I love God," even though they live according to their own will and not YAH's. Saul then tried to flip it like he was considering YAH the whole time when he was really just considering himself. When you try to live according to your own will, YAH sees it as evil. The Most High values obedience the most!

Think about a relationship. If someone cheats on you, then comes back with gifts to make up for the breach, would you rather have the gifts or rather that your partner didn't cheat? 1 Samuel 15:23 says,

When you are being stubborn, that means you're trying to go your own way and not the way YAH wants you to go. This is the same as idolatry. And the punishment for that is death. When you have stubbornness against YAH, He's going to depart from you. King Saul put what people thought about him over what YAH would think about him. We lower our standards to appease people and then give YAH whatever we have left instead of raising our standards to please YAH. The spirit of rebellion is in all of the children of Yisrael. This is why we can't completely turn back to YAH. We've been standing in our own way trying to live accordingly to our own will. Taking the word of someone else over YAH is rebellion!

We keep trying to find salvation in everything but YAH.

That one act of disobedience from one man's decision meant so much that it turned the direction of Yisrael. Hopelessness is what led the children of Yisrael to witchcraft. Jeremiah 27:8-15 shows that YAH instructed King Zedekiah to go under the submission of the King of Babylon. Why would YAH want us to have our necks under the yoke of Babylon? It was our punishment.

Not accepting our punishment and saying that we want to be out of punishment is just getting us into more trouble. We haven't taken accountability for what we've done. YAH is trying to warn us against those who practice divination that try to tell us that there is a way to escape the punishment that YAH put you in. This is more rebellion! Leviticus 19:31 speaks about this:

Exodus 22:18 also speaks about what should happen to those who practice witchcraft.

Micah 5:9-15 shows that this captivity comes with soothsayers, witchcraft, and diviners. These curses are now attached to us!

Deuteronomy 28:46 is the sign that we cannot escape our punishment. Nothing we've been doing has freed us from the bonds.

How is it that all of the ways out of our condition are keeping us where we are?

We'd rather accept eternal captivity than to turn back to YAH and receive real salvation.

Yawitazah & Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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