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Put YAH first. It means life or death.

YAH should be the priority and the things of this world should be distractions, not the other way around. Choose life, not death.

The Most High is holding life and death in the balance. How can you not be willing to put YAH first but still want to get what you want?

Don't let the same temptations you've been dealing with be the reason you lose your life.

Deuteronomy 30 unveils the decision we have to make and how our actions can either bring us life or death.

Verse 1: YAH is unfolding the prophecies and testimonies that He said would take place for the children of Yisrael - the blessing and cursing

Verse 2: If you don't give all of your heart and soul, are you really giving 100%?

Verse 3: when Yisrael starts to really give all of our heart and soul, YAH will bring us out of captivity

  • When are we really going to start trusting YAH and putting Him first?

    • Why is every other nation more dedicated to their gods than we are to YAH?

  • Ezekiel 36:17-23

    • We were equated to a woman who has been divorced

    • Other people were like, "These are the people of YAH?"

    • We should be putting YAH first because we are attached to Him by way of His name

    • Even after all we've done to YAH, He's still trying to salvage our relationship, but for His namesake

  • We know by way of the curses that we are the children of YAH, not by the blessings; what a shame.

    • We are remaining in our sin because we think that salvation and our blessing is still in our hands

    • In order to go to YAH for blessings, don't we need to repent first?

  • Isaiah 30:1-3

    • We don't go to YAH for counsel. We go to all of these other sources instead.

    • We try to take cover and have protection from everybody but YAH

    • Isaiah 1:2-7 - us being unwilling to repent makes us sick in the head

    • Isaiah 3:24 - this is what we have become because we're unwilling to put YAH first

    • 1 Samuel 15:23 - you can't stop sinning because you're really a witch!

  • What do we have to do to repent?

    • 2 Chronicles 6:37 - admit our sins in the land of our captivity and repent with all of our hearts and souls

    • 2 Chronicles 7:14 - truly humble ourselves, seek YAH, and repent; and He will forgive us

    • 1 Kings 8:47-50 - we have to repent in the land of our captivity and return to YAH with our whole hearts and souls

    • Leviticus 26:40 - confess our iniquities and YAH will remember the covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob along with our land

    • Jeremiah 50:4 - we have to weep before our Father and recognize our sin and seek YAH

Verse 4: YAH is going to gather us

Verse 5: We're going to be brought back into our land and YAH is going to bless and multiply us

Verse 6: YAH is going to give us a heart and soul to love Him so that we can live

Verse 7: All of the curses we had will go on our enemies

Verse 8: We'll be doing the commandments YAH gave us

Verse 9: Everything we put our hands to do, our land, and our assets will flourish

Verse 10: We're supposed to do YAH's commandments according to His statutes and turn to YAH with all our heart and soul

Verse 11: YAH has not hidden His commands so that we can't do it

Verse 12: The Most High is telling us that no one will have to come down to heaven to show us how to do a commandment. Our people have to see Christ come down and die in order to follow a command.

Verse 13: No one has to go anywhere to bring a commandment to you. It's already here.

Verse 14: You know what the truth is. Before you sin, you already know the difference between right and wrong.

Verse 15: YAH has set before us a choice. Which one have you been feeding? The one you feed the most wins.

Verse 16: Love YAH and obey Him to receive His blessings

Verse 17: If we don't listen to YAH and decide to follow idols

Verse 18: YAH will denounce us and we will perish

Verse 19: We're in court, and His creation is a witness for it. He wants us to choose life so that we and our kids will live

Verse 20: Love YAH and obey Him because YAH is life

How many chances do you think you deserve?

Yawitazah & Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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