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The Truth about The Mark of the Beast

The story we’ve been hearing is that the time of The Mark of the Beast is a time when people are going to be getting a mark on their head or hand, and they won’t be able to buy or sell or have any level of salvation after they get this mark.

There are many things people think are the mark of the beast:

It's been a lot of fear-mongering and scare tactics related to this topic, but it's time to share the reality about the mark of the beast.

Conforming to these nations and not conforming to the will of YAH and the Nation He created for the children of Yisrael is the true mark of the beast.

Revelations 19 gives us some insight into who the beast is. The chapter begins by explaining a situation involving the great whore and her fornication. But what is fornication? Falling into your own lusts and living according to your own will without any level of commitment. We also see that a marriage is being created between the Lamb and His wife, who is now clean and white. This is a marriage between The Most High and the children of Yisrael. Our biggest problem has been these other nations.

Verse 19 shows that the beast in this vision is related to and working with the kings of the earth. Verse 20 also shows that this beast has a mark. We already know from nature the purpose of a beast leaving its mark. They go around different areas and mark their territory to show ownership.

How does a nation show that something belongs to them?

These nations are beasts, and they have marked everything that belongs to them. Beasts put their identifiers of things that they own. What image were the people worshipping? The image of the beast and the image of these nations. The image we've been portraying in this captivity is not natural for us. We already have to adapt to the image of the beast to be able to buy and sell. If you want access to what the beast has, you have to change your image.

The image of the beast is what these nations promote, and that's the image they want you to portray:

Revelations 12 shows that these nations are literally preparing to fight with The Most High when He comes. They're trying to figure out how to undermine their own collapse and while they're trying to figure out how to do that, they're trying to hold us for ransom. All of this would've ended if we had just turned to The Most High as a nation.

Revelations 13 reveals that the beast is the men of the earth who have great authority over the nations and the world. All of the world is wondering after the beast right now. The beast is running the nations. Who has given power unto the beast? The truth is being revealed.

We've already taken the mark of the beast.

Us living amongst the nations and depending on them shows who has control and who has taken the mark. The ones whose name is not found in the Book of Life are the ones who can't separate from these nations or separate from the beast.

Who led us into captivity? These men put us into captivity, and the Vatican authorized it. They came with an apology but no real restitution or restoration. The United Nation of Yisrael discussed the debt that is owed to our nation.

The whole infrastructure is built in the image of the beast. Are you living according to their ways and their nations? This is why it's more important to gather ourselves together and establish ourselves as a nation. We shouldn't be allowing our kids to pass through the fire.

If you are not going to "come out of her my people," then you have already taken the mark of the beast.

We must establish ourselves and reemerge as a nation. We're afraid of some vaccines and some RFID chips, and the nations are afraid of us unifying. If you don't want to worry about the mark of the beast, join with your own nation and follow your Creator.

Many people will say that we don't need to nation-build or prepare for anything, and that we should just sit back and do nothing. Working and building up this nation and not building up your own nation is the equivalent of sitting back and doing nothing. Jeremiah 29 shows that YAH has given us commands and what to do in the lands of our captivity.

Anyone telling you to sit back and do nothing for yourself is lying to you. We can't just walk ourselves back into the Promised Land. YAH has to carry us out. But just because we can't free ourselves, doesn't mean we have to sit on the devil's lap.

If you're ready to separate from the beast and its system, visit and get involved. Read all information, get your nation ID and flag, join a department, contribute, and get mobilized.

Elder Yawitazah & Dejyah Yisrael contributed this article.

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